September 26, 2018

About Us :: Team

Japaringatan Saragih

Japaringatan Saragih, or JP in short, holds a Magister Management degree from The Indonesian Institute for Management Development ( IPMI ), Business School, Jakarta, with a first degree in Economics and Development Study from Sriwijaya University. JP is an expert in Supply Chain Management and he has spent most of his career working in multinational companies. He joined SENADA for Wood Certification program in 2006 and IFACS for Forestry and Climate Support in 2011. When he worked at SENADA program, he has intensively to assist furniture companies in Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java to obtain Verification of Legal Origin ( VLO ), FSC Chain of Custody certification as well, and at IFACS, he was worked and negotiated with big concessions in Kalimantan and Papua for implementing BMP (Best Management Practices). JP is very well respected for his works in these areas. Japaringatan Saragih is a co-founder and Managing Director at GreenWood Consult.

Dyah S Prabandari

Dyah S Prabandari holds a master degree in Environmental Technology from The Manchester University in United Kingdom back in 1997. Her first degree was achieved in Chemical Engineering from Diponegoro University, Indonesia, in 1992. Dyah was a factory manager for the first 10 years in her career. She is familiar to work in a system- based environment with lots of experience of how to achieve target in a fixed time constraint. Heavily trained in sustainable development during her years as factory manager, since 2006 Dyah decided to change her course to work in development project, thinking that it was about time to dedicate her life for a broader objective. She joined SENADA project and involved in Wood Certification program for home furnishing industry. With this project Dyah together with Japar and Widodo has accomplished to assist more than 30 companies in Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java to get certified. Dyah is co-founder and a Operation Director at GreenWood Consult.